Last work at Itron

My most recent work involved trying out LightweightM2M server on Java (Leshan) with goal of forwarding data to .NET Core 2 backend serving Angular frontend. A couple weeks prior to that I put together a small Angular application with NodeJS on backend. That pretty much touches almost all major development stacks.

Full stack development effort starting with working GO language on Linux and FreeBSD. Sending IoT data over CoAP to a GO based server. Sprinkle web development in React and TypeScript at the top layer of the stack. Add an occasional effort inside embedded STM application with occasional Linux and FreeBSD system administration and that would be my sandwich of work.

I prefer to associate my effort with “Foundation Trilogy” by Isaac Asimov.

Right before leaving Itron I started to develop strategy how to build a micro services style application based on .NЕТ Core technology. Most of the knowledge built at Itron was fully materilized when I joined Gestalt Diagnostics, LLC.