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How to Convert one return type to another

In the example below this.mowocConfig.getBaseUrl() returns Observable<string>, but our method needs to return Observable<BlobData[]>. We use flatMap call to convert one observable return type to another:

getBlobData(): Observable<BlobData[]> {
  return this.mowocConfig.getBaseUrl()
    .flatMap((baseUrl: string): Observable<BlobData[]> => {
      const url = baseUrl + '/api/blobs';
      console.log('url', url);
      return this.http.get<BlobData[]>(url);

How to Convert Response Array to another

In this method http.get<BlobData[]>() returns Observable<BlobData[]>. Our goal is to transform BlobData object content. This example shows to make this transformation with Array response and not a single object. It works with web sockets due to Observable<BlobData[]>.

getBlobData(): Observable<BlobData[]> {
  return this.mowocConfig.getBaseUrl().
    flatMap((baseUrl: string): Observable<BlobData[]> => {
      const url = baseUrl + '/api/blobsWithDescription';
      console.log('url', url);
      return this.http.get<BlobData[]>(url).
        map(rows => {
          //console.log("received raw blobs", rows);
          let blobs: BlobData[] = [];
          for (let i = 0, len = rows.length; i < len; i++) {
            const d: BlobData = rows[i];
            blobs.push(new BlobData(d.blobId,, d.dataType, d.received, d.sourceIP, d.description));
          //console.log("converted blobs", blobs)
          return blobs;


Assets Documentation.

Cannot copy resource from outside of project

Outside of project configuration in .angular-cli.json file:

"apps": [
    "root": "src",
    "outDir": "wwwroot",
    "assets": [
        "glob": "**/*",
        "input": "../../MowocData/source",
        "output": "MowocData",
        "allowOutsideOutDir": true

There is no good solution. Issue discussion.


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