Java SKB


Maven Parent Files To reference Maven parent file located in the repository use the following example: <parent> <groupId>org_or_com.organization_name</groupId> <artifactId>application-name-component-name</artifactId> <version>1.2.3-15</version> <relativePath></relativePath> </parent> It is important to specify empty relative path. Self-closing version might work, but I run into one tim issue at some point. Standard dependency version resolution rules don’t work in parent element. So, you must specify artifact version explicitly! Maven Aritfact Versioning It is difficult to find information on the topic. »


Log4J Configuration The following is true at least for MuleSoft Anypoint Java envrionment or at least to version of Log4j used by MuleSoft. MuleRuntime: 4.2.1 Log4J <Filters> element representing “CompositeFilter” class in source code and frequently referenced as “Composite Filter” does not work as documented under references. For example, it is documented to be usable under a specific appender like “RollingFile” appender, but it does not actually do so. For example, if I list something like this »